Great question, what is the school trainer program? 

This program was created to support our schools, and their trainers (Level III’s), in supporting their staff. At the start of each season, schools send a list of their trainers to register for the program. 

Content for the season-long training is set and trainers are able to participate in any, or all, the sessions. Through this program, trainers come away with information to take back to their school to support their training in things such as movement analysis, technical understanding, observation, evaluation, prescription, review of national standards and interpreting them, to name just a few. 

Preview video (Developing Emotional Intelligence) in preparation for EI presentation (View on LinkedIn)

Emotional Intelligence Presentation – 12.21.20 (View on YouTube) and participant chat comments (Download PDF

Emotional Intelligence Slides (Download PDF)

People Skills Primer Presentation – 12.14.20 (View on YouTube)

People Skills Primer Slides (Download PDF)

People Skills Primer Participant Comments (Download PDF)

People Skills FAQ (Download PDF)

Summer 2019 Virtual Après-

2019 Fall Training – People & Teaching Skills Presentation (PDF)

Link to national standards –

Looking to download Documents or Presentation you saw at one of the past training’s? Find them here!

2019-20 Season Downloads

People Skills Presentation 

Download the People Skills here.

Feedback Model
Download the Feedback Model here.
Behavior (Management) Presentation

Download the presentation overview and the slides here.

Refer a Friend

Download the logo here.


Alpine Examiner Feedback

Snowboard Examiner Feedback

Learning Connection Model

Click here for the PDF from Interski.

2018-19 Season Downloads

Myth Buster October training session, please see below.

Myth Busters Overview (PDF)

Snowboard Visual Cues (PDF)

Appendix E – Visual Cues (PDF)

Skiing Fundamentals (PDF)

SENSE-ational Sliding October training, please see below.

SENSE-ational Sliding Form (PDF)

SENSE-ational Riding Grid (PDF)

SENSE-ational Riding Outcomes (PDF)

SENSE-ational Skiing Grid (PDF)

SENSE-ational Skiing Outcomes (PDF)

Age Categories session, please see below.

Level 2 Teaching Assignments (PDF)

Level 2 Teaching Session with Age Overview (PDF)

Learning Outcomes Session, please see below.

Learning Outcomes Guide (PDF)

2017-18 Season Downloads

Directions for the Online Process for Membership (PDF)

Overview of Tech Series Season Training Schedule (PDF)

Member School Manager Conference Downloads

November Tech Series Training Downloads

2016-17 Season Downloads

New Member Online Joining Details Reviewed (PDF)

Alpine Movement Analysis Presentation (PDF)

Certification Presentation (PDF)

Learning Lens Presentation (PDF) and Rigorous Questions for Understanding (jpg)

Snowboard Movement Analysis (PDF)

Snowboard Evaluation and Prescription (PDF)

Snowboard Observation (PDF)

Snowboard Observation Fundamentals (PDF)

Alpine Observation Fundamentals (PDF)

Alpine Observation (PDF)

Alpine Evaluation Prescription (PDF)

Training Handbook (PDF)

Test Your Knowledge of the Org (PDF)

Reflective Practice (PDF)

Tech Series Fall Seminar Presentation (PDF)

2015-16 Season Downloads

Alpine Compare and Contrast Review (PDF)

Certification Focus Overview at March Training (PDF)

Movement Analysis Handout (PDF)

Teaching Presentation (PDF) – video slides are not accessible

Teaching PM Session Gallery Walk Posts (PDF)

Level I Process Presentation (PDF) and the Parking Lot Q&A (PDF)

Exam Feedback Writing Prentation (PDF)

2014-15 Season Downloads

Nordic Fall College – USSA-USST_Browder_Dec2014 (PDF)

Skills Quest_PSIA Powerpoint_Weimer_Nov2014 (PDF)

Teaching ModulePRESENTATION_CowanMayMcLeod Nov2014 (PDF)

CheckForUnderstandingHANDOUT_CowanMayMcLeod_Nov2014 (PDF)


Skiing-Module-Barnes-Jacobson-Presentation-Nov2014 (PDF)

PSIA-US-Ski-Team-interaction RonKipp Nov2014 (PDF)

New Instructor Guide 2012 (PDF)

Compare-Contrast May Nov2014 (PDF)

2011-2012 Season

Using GROR for Training by Linda Cowan – Fall Training 2011 (PDF)

2010-2011 Season Downloads

Download the PSIA-AASI 3-Year Strategic Education Plan presented by Earl Saline – 11/2010 (PDF)

Download Gradual Release of Responsibility by Linda Cowan – 11/2010 (PDF)

Download Code of Professional Responsibility by Jack Burns – 11/2010 (PDF)

Download Success Strategies for Exam Candidates by RJ Nichoalds – 11/2010 (PDF)

Download Bloom’s Taxonomy – Applications to Snowsports Instructors by Kim Petram – 11/2010 (PDF)

Below is information to assist you in preparing yourself and your staff in preparing for the Level I exam process; some documents are generic and others are specific to each discipline. Additionally, information is also included in the certification guides. 
Sentence Starter Ideas (PDF)
Possible Question Ideas (PDF)
Level I Roster (PDF)

Level I Request Form

Click HERE to be taken to the online request form for level I exams.

Alpine Specific Downloads

Alpine Level I Indoor Guide 2019 (PDF)
Alpine Level I Assessment Sheet (PDF)
Alpine Level I Accreditation Slides (PP/PDF)

Snowboard Specific Downloads

Snowboard Level I Indoor Guide 2019 (PDF)
Snowboard Level I Assessment Sheet (PDF)

Telemark Specific Downloads

Telemark Level I Assessment Sheet (PDF)

Level 2 Teaching Example Video – review this video in helping you help your staff in preparation for their Level 2 Teaching/Technical segment of the exam. This video is also included in the certification guide (a must read). Watch on YouTube.