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The Pacific Northwest Snowsports Instructors Association – Education Foundation (PNSIA-EF) relies on members for donations to our non-profit organization that supports instructors in need.

Freestyle specialist 1

“Overall, I had a great time and learned a lot about teaching in groups and giving appropriate feedback for our students and peers.

I highly recommend Kyle! He did a great job and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to represent my mountain and learn from the head leaders of the region.”  – Austin Casey

Divisional academy

“The group training was effective and learning skills and watching others helped compare techniques that were being taught. Critiquing
also was very impactful, but
watching yourself on the video
tells no lie. Working on skiing
skills for three days provided
much more value than my at home hit and miss clinics on the mountain in between lessons. I am excited to take these learning’s and apply them next season. I am also interested in going to one or more events next year to continue to grow my skills.”
  – Sally Vantress-Lodato       


“There is an art and a science
to learning, doing, and teaching.
This January, courtesy of a scholarship awarded to me by PSIA-NW, I had the good fortune to attend Immersion,
and experience these two elements
blended masterfully.. A big thank you to my Immersion clinicians, and to PSIA-NW for this wonderful opportunity to learn this. I am eternally grateful.”Jonathan Urlie