Are You New? Welcome Aboard!

Whoohoo – welcome to the org! You’ve joined the organization and your membership status is at a registered level. Getting ready for your Level I exam? Fantastic, please go visit the education tab and read all about your discipline’s certification standards and exam. 

Remember, any certified PSIA-NW member must attend continuing education each season (6 CEU) or a two day event every other season (12 CEU or more), to remain current and in good standing. More detailed information regarding continuing education can be found on the current member tab on this page. Additionally, a full list of our events is on our event calendar on the Events tab.

As a reminder, your annual membership dues are due on or before June 30th of each season to avoid late fees. A season is defined as starting on July 1st and ending on June 30th.

Member benefits include special discount pricing on many products that ski and snowboard professionals use on a daily basis like skis or snowboards, soft goods like gloves, goggles, clothing, tuning tools, and even cars – yeah, that’s right – a pro deal on a new Volkswagen. Be sure to check out all the special offers available to members like you under the member benefits tab and all the National benefits that are available here.

New Instructor Guide

Welcome to teaching skiing and snowboarding! This New Snowsports Instructor Guide will introduce you to the profession of teaching snowsports. This guide will help you in your training as a new instructor and as you train toward the Professional Ski Instructors of America-American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) Level I certification.

This New Snowsports Instructor Guide introduces you to PSIA-AASI models and concepts, used across all of the different snowsports that instructors teach. The intent of this guide is not to replace the manuals and resources that PSIA-AASI produces, rather it is to introduce these to you and guide you to more in-depth information about these topic areas. This Guide will not be the only resource you will need as you train; it provides you a way to track your personal progress in becoming a professional snowsports instructor and, if you decide, as you train towards your PSIA-AASI Level I certification.


New Instructor Online Course

Please click below to be directed to the PSIA-AASI website to create an account to be able to access the FREE online course. You do not need to be a member of the organization to create an account – of course, we hope you will want to join when starting your teaching journey.



Registered Member

A Registered Instructor is PSIA and AASI’s entry-level membership; the designation was created to provide an educational introduction to snowsport teaching. The Registered-level membership is conducted according to divisional and national criteria, and is not a level of certification recognized nationally by PSIA.

Level I

Level I Certified members will demonstrate a solid foundation of information and experience necessary to be an effective snowsport instructor. The Certified Level I instructor possesses an understanding of basic skiing/riding skills, teaching skills and professional knowledge. It is not expected that Level I candidates will have in-depth knowledge and experience in each of the areas of competence listed in the National Standards. It is expected, however, that candidates will be able to show basic competence and knowledge in all of those areas. In addition, it is expected that candidates will be able to demonstrate a significant level of competency with the skiing/riding and teaching tasks listed specifically for assessment at a Level I exam.

Level II

Level II Certified instructors will demonstrate commitment and dedication to the snowsport teaching profession and to his/her own personal development. Level II members are considered qualified to provide valuable instruction to a majority of snowsport school guests. A Level II-certified instructor demonstrates the ability to relate movements and skill areas to movement outcomes and to apply that knowledge to teaching situations common to Intermediate zone skiers/riders. Level II-certified instructors have a global understanding of the snowsport industry and are able to classify their responsibilities as a part of the resort team.

Level III

Level III Certified instructors possess high levels of skill and knowledge that allow him or her to make an uncompromised contribution to the customer, the association, and the snowsport industry. A Level III-certified member has the ability to assess all variables with regard to student personality traits, goals, abilities, needs, the learning environment, conditions of the day, available terrain, equipment, etc., and to synthesize these parts into a viable lesson plan. A Level III instructor can make adjustments to lesson goals and is able to appropriately adjust or modify lesson content as required by any situation. *Please note, to be eligible to take the Level III exam, there needs to be one full season since successful completion of the Level II exam.