According to Wikipedia, etymologically, the word education is derived from educare (Latin) “bring up”, which is related to educere “bring out”, “bring forth what is within”, “bring out potential” and ducere, “to lead.”

This describes education from PSIA-NW to a “T.”  Recall the PSIA-NW Mission Statement – “Provide high quality educational resources and well defined standards to aid our members in improving their teaching skills to better satisfy the needs and expectations of their customer in the enjoyment of downhill and Nordic snowsports.”  In this section you will find in depth information on certification and accreditation programs.  Education is the primary focus of what we do, while developing and inspiring a life long passion for the mountain experience.

The American Teaching System has various levels of certification. PSIA & AASI has developed and implemented national certification standards that each of the eight divisions use to create examinations to validate your skills as an instructor. While each divisions may use a slightly different exam format, largely due to an effort to meet the needs of each division’s membership and specific needs of their geographic area, each adheres to the same National Standards.

Aside from these fundamental forms of certification, the PSIA-NW division also offers supporting Specialist Training in specific areas such as instruction for children, seniors and freestyle. 

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