Certification is a journey.  As you develop your knowledge skills and abilities as a snow sports instructor you become more valuable to your clients and your school.  No one person, document, or resource can prepare an individual for their certification process. Rather a combination of individuals, information and resources will provide the best blend of expertise for a well-rounded training pathway.

Please take responsibility to familiarize yourself with the policies, procedures, formats, and testing criteria before embarking on your certification pathway. If at anytime in your training program or testing process you need clarification, it is your responsibility to ask qualified individuals for clarity. If you choose not to question and research the information, you will probably end up with a less than accurate perspective on the certification process. This perspective is bound to influence the outcome. Be accountable for your success!

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Joining & Level I Process

Becoming a Certified Instructor

Alpine Certification Guide

Want to learn about the exam process? Preparing to take an exam? Then this cert guide, aka the holy grail or the bible, is the place to be! The certification guide will go through the process for Levels I, II and III, what to expect during exam. Please make sure you read this and are familiar with it to best prepare for your exam. ***Please note, for successful completion of a certification, all components of the exam must be completed in the Northwest, partial module passes in other divisions do not transfer.

Alpine Certification Guide 2022-23 (PDF)

Unsure of any updates or have some questions – we have created this “facts” document, linked below, to help.

Alpine Questions and Answers (PDF)

Want to know what the assessment sheets look like? Click below to see them and get used to knowing what kind of form your feedback will be coming to you in (these are also in the certification guide).

Alpine Assessment Forms (Levels I, II and III)

Level I Prerequisites

Level I Indoor Guide

This guide was created as a resource to be used for both trainers and new instructors in preparation for the Level I exam and also for more knowledge as an instructor. Its intent is to provide some bigger content ideas for further research and conversation.

Download the Alpine Level I Indoor Guide 2019 (PDF)

Alpine Fundamentals

Listed below are the Alpine Fundamentals. The Fundamentals remain consistent through all levels of certification; they are listed in no order or priority

  • Control the relationship of the center of mass (COM) to the base of support (BOS) to direct pressure along the length of the ski(s).
  • Control pressure from ski to ski and direct pressure toward the outside ski.
  • Control edge angles through a combination of inclination and angulation.
  • Control the ski’s rotation (turning, pivoting, steering) with leg rotation, separate from the upper body.
  • Regulate the magnitude of pressure created through ski/snow interaction

Visual Cues Exercises

These are other activities that could be used during the exam, as well as, useful in various lesson scenarios.
Download the Exercise List 2016 (PDF)

Visual Cues

This document describes the Visual Cues of Efficient and Inefficient body movements in skiing. Use them to help your movement analysis.
Download the Efficient and Inefficient Body Movements in Skiing (PDF)

National Standards

These standards are the same across the country – transferable from division to division. Level III is the highest certification and meets International Snowsports Instructors Alliance (ISIA) standards. You can take your certification to a global level and teach all over the world.

Go to the Alpine Standards