Northwest Awards – Due 15 March

These awards are presented to the recipients annually at the Spring Symposium Awards Banquet, honoring them for their service to snowsports and the organization. To read more about the award and past recipients, click on each award title.

Ken Syverson Instructor of the Year Award

This award recognizes an instructor who currently possesses a PSIA-NW membership for a minimum of 5 years, who is actively involved in teaching snowsports to the public, and who demonstrates positive leadership behavior within a snowsports school. These candidates must have a prolonged history of service, consistency, collaboration, and cooperation with guests, peers, and school management. The individual must exceed the normal criteria for teaching excellence to the public, as well as, service to their local snowsports school as evidenced by mentorship or other active involvement. Click the title (hyperlink) above for more information about the award and its recipients.

Art Audett Outstanding Service Award

Designed to honor a member who has a sustained history of distinguished service of lasting benefit to PSIA-Northwest, their ski school or the local community or have performed an exceptional act worthy of special recognition. Click the title above for more information about the award and its recipients.

Jean Lyon Service to Youth Award

This award recognizes an instructor or coach who has been a member for at least 5 years and who has demonstrated exceptional dedication to excellence in teaching snowsports or coaching racing to children and youth. In keeping with the spirit that Jean brought to teaching, coaching and racing, nominations should emphasize a high level of teaching expertise, work that has enhanced children’s snowsports education and/or outreach activities that have provided opportunities for youth to experience and become lifetime participants in snowsports. Click the title above for more information about the award and its recipients.

Larry Linnane Legends Award

This award recognizes those senior members in good standing who give a life long commitment to the development and/or history of snowsports including instructing, service on the board of directors, writing technical or feature articles for publications, etc. Click the title above for more information about the award and its recipients.

Rookie of the Year Award

This award recognizes a member who has demonstrated superior ability, aptitude and inspiration to snowsports education in their first season as an instructor. It’s a great way to recognize a rising superstar. Click the title above for more information about the award and its recipients.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes someone who has been a PSIA member for a minimum of 30 years and has demonstrated a lifetime of dedicated service to PSIA-AASI, PSIA-NW and snowsports education. Nominations for this award are due by the 31st of December and are brought forward by the Awards and Recognition Committee and endorsed by the Board and are then submitted to PSIA-AASI National Awards Committee for review. Listed below are those awarded and the year they received the award:

  • Steve Bratt (1996)
  • Jack Burns (2013)
  • Walter “Buzz” Fulton (1994)*
  • Kathy Hand (2001)
  • Kenneth Hand (2006)
  • Doris Harlacher (1995)
  • Joe Harlacher (1990)
  • Ed Kane (1994)
  • Chris Kastner (2008)
  • Bill Lenihan (1986)
  • Lou Lenihan (1990)*
  • Jim Lucas (1989)*
  • Joy Lucas (1986)*
  • Lenore Lyle (1994)
  • Nick McDonald (2013)
  • Robert McDonald (2010)
  • John Mohan (1996)
  • Rich Nelson (1998)
  • Lee Perry (1994)
  • Otto Ross (1972)
  • James Smith, Sr. (2017)
  • Shawn Smith (2013)
  • Chris Thompson (1996)
  • Juris Vagners (2013)
  • Al Voltz (1994)
  • Jack Weigand (1994)*
  • Gordon West (1984)
  • John Weston (2008)
  • Calvin Yamamoto (2008)


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