Credit’s Due

by John Eisenhauer Former PSIA-NW Communications Vice President (1999-2009)

We’ve all heard the saying, “Give credit where credit’s due.” You may not have noticed, but this is the first Northwest newsletter since somewhere in the mid-1990’s (it’s been so long we can’t even remember) that doesn’t list Jodi Taggart as the Editor in the credits.

In fact, if the newsletter was a movie, the list of credits that would run at the end would include titles like Producer, Art Director, Developer, Photographer, Proofer, Sounding Board, Reminderin- Chief, Staff Shrink and more – all with Jodi’s name on them. I left out Saint so as not to embarrass her, but given everything over the past number of years it would be deserved.

Jodi retired as Newsletter Editor this spring after serving as the Editor for more than 12 years. Over the years, she worked with three Communications Vice Presidents, numerous other officers on the board, office staff and countless members, producing the usual four to five NW Snowsports Instructor newsletters per year, the Season Guide plus whatever else was thrown her way.

And throw we did. Usually at the last minute. Often incomplete. Often subject to wholesale changes. Yet she always managed to “get-erdone.” All the while working full time in the ski industry as a multidiscipline ski and snowboard instructor (Jodi is Level III certified in both Alpine and Snowboard, as well as a past Junior Education Team NW clinician), Children’s Center Director and Assistant Ski School Director.

Her direct day to day involvement with working instructors shaped her approach to content, helped lend a sense of what information an average member might be looking for and how best to present it. Jodi’s feedback on content was always clear and direct – something I really appreciated in the ten years we worked together.

What makes this all the more remarkable is that Jodi had no formal training. She was largely self taught, asking for help when she needed it and digging up solutions on her own along the way.
From faxed hard copy submissions to floppy discs to e-mail attachments and content off the web. From scanning photographs to inserting digital photos. From obsolete PC software that required the printer to produce “camera-ready artwork” and films to our present state-of-the art Mac publishing platform that allowed us to produce completely “press ready” publications, Jodi’s interest in learning made it possible to work through major changes in how the newsletter was produced and printed.

So, “Hats off to you Jodi!” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a great partner to work with. Thank you for your dedication to our membership. And give yourself a little credit along the way. You deserve it.

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