Fresh New Look for PSIA-NW Website

The newly designed PSIA-NW website is up and running. While not all of the content from the old site is in place yet we are moving content over daily. All of the articles from the 2010 issue of the NW Snowsports Instructor will be available for reading and commenting on-line. We want to hear from you!

A very special thank you goes out to Tyler Barnes of 509 INC who is the magician behind the scenes and has made this new website possible through his volunteer efforts. As you know Tyler is also the PSIA-NW Communications Vice President and acting Editor and Designer of the NW Snowsports Instructor Newsletter. Rick Lyons, PSIA-NW Technical Team, Examiner and Alpine Clinician, also volunteered on this project by helping organize and move content from the old site to the new. Additional support by John May, Alpine Clinician, who helped with the initial organization of content. Mark Schinman, Administrative V.P. and past webmaster was also instrumental in helping maintain the old site during the transition.

The Communications V.P. programs, inclusive of the NW Snowsports Instructor, this website, promotional merchandise, book sales and event T-shirts and souvenirs have been top notch during the 2009/2010 season. Looks for more great work in 2011.

Combined with Tyler’s dedication to moving our organization forward, both with the quality of his work and the various ways he saves our organization hard dollars via industry contacts and open-source software (that runs this very website), he is a true innovator.

If you have a web or print based project, large or small, in the Northwest or beyond, Tyler’s work speaks for itself!

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