Adaptive Downloads

Here you will find some of the downloads available to help you in your training and understanding of the PSIA-NW Adaptive Certification process.

Certification Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide exam candidates, trainers, divisional clinic leaders and examiners with an established outline to reference while preparing for, participating in, and administering the PSIA-NW Certification Level I and II exams for Adaptive. 

Download Adaptive Alpine Certification Guide


Exam Process

Download the Updated Adaptive Alpine Exam Process Overview


Development Logs

Cognitive-Visual (Cog-VI) Development Log (PDF)  
Bi-Mono Ski Development Log (PDF)  
3-Track and 4-Track Log (PDF)


Supplemental Information

Level I and Level II Candidate Exam Pathway (PDF)
Download Bi Ski Exam Information (PDF)
Download Cog VI Exam Information (PDF)
Download 3-Track/4-Track Exam Information (PDF)
Download Mono-Ski Exam Information (PDF)

Assessment Sheets

Download 3-track and 4-track Assessment Sheet (PDF)
Download Mono-Bi Assessment Sheet (PDF)
Download VI-Cog Assessment Sheet (PDF)

Written Exams

We are moving to an online written exam process, the links will be here or listed in the dropdown menu as soon as they are ready.

National Standards

These documents are the current PSIA Education/Certification Standards. Referenced to Core Concepts and PSIA-AASI’s Adaptive Snowsports Instruction Manual, PSIA’s Alpine Technical Manual and AASI’s Snowboard Technical Manual. You will find references and text from these documents included in the Certification Manual.

Download 2014 Alpine Adaptive Standards (PDF)
Download the Adaptive Snowboard Guide (PDF)
Download Fundamental Mechanics of Alpine Skiing Across Adaptive Disciplines (PDF)

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