Exercises to Enhance Performance

Fitness tip text, photos and demonstrations by Jenn Lockwood Dorsiflexion at the ankle and leg rotation are the topics of this issues fitness tips! Brad Jacobson, shared with us how we activate the tibialis anterior to dorsiflex the ankle, helping to maintain equal angles at the ankles and shin to cuff contact when we ski, […]

Never Let Them See You Sweat

Children’s Tip by Janet Shofstall Sure this is just an advertising slogan yet it’s also helpful when teaching children. Think back to your own school days when there was a substitute teacher … you remember … I thought so; torment time. Kids have an innate sense of vulnerability and insecurity. Setting up the lesson atmosphere […]

Early Season Conditions

Alpine Tip by Terry McLeod Hopefully you have been involved in some type of regular exercise program to help you be in shape as soon as the hill opens, but whether you have or not, the early season is a great time  to hone in on your conditioning as a foundation for the rest of […]