Rider Rally Recap

by Terry McLeod In March 2010 I attended the AASI Rider Rally held at Copper Mountain, Colorado. For those who know me this might seem quite strange since I am primarily a skier and have snowboard gear that’s almost as old as the sport itself. However, this year there was a free ski/terrain park group […]

Balance is the Key to Efficient Sliding

A Senior Moment by Ed Kane It is well documented in skiing and snowboarding literature that balance is an important element of skiing and riding skills that we try to improve as we work with our students. In my mind, the importance is clearly indicated by the fact that the Skills Venn diagram that depicts […]

Bend It to Control It

Develop Strength & Balance for Performance Riding by Chris Hargrave, originally published in the Winter 2009 Issue of the NW Snowsports Instructor One of the greatest challenges in snowboarding is the ability to bend the nose and tail at will in dynamic sliding environments. Skillful controlled riding should be supported by the ability to bend […]