Camber vs. Rocker

This has been a large topic of debate over the past few seasons in the snowboarding world and everyone seems to have a differing opinion on which is better. This article will shed some light on the benefits of each for you and your students and help you decide which type of board is going […]

Road trip: the why would you not tour?

Why go from Seattle to White Pass, to Bluewood, to 49° North, to Mt. Spokane, and to Mission Ridge? The more appropriate question for all of us west-siders is, “Why not?” With this route, none of these areas are more than four hours apart. Think of it as a ski cruise with wonderful people, great […]

Teaching with a Purpose

Text and photos by Linda Cowan The state of education in our nation is a hot topic. As a result, the amount of research and study on the practices that lead to student learning are reaching unprecedented levels. The Center for Educational Leadership works in partnerships with school districts across the nation employing current research […]