Rider Rally Recap

by Terry McLeod In March 2010 I attended the AASI Rider Rally held at Copper Mountain, Colorado. For those who know me this might seem quite strange since I am primarily a skier and have snowboard gear that’s almost as old as the sport itself. However, this year there was a free ski/terrain park group […]

Cooking with Kate

today’s special: turn transitions by Kate Morrell         photos by Ron LeMaster This article is essentially about turn transitions, and specifically how they relate to making carved turns on groomed terrain. As you may know, the turn transition is that portion of skiing that is from the exit of one turn, to the beginning of […]

Art of Letting Go

by Sean Bold Don’t hold onto the past, but instead look into the future. Gil Haines, an old ski buddy of mine, is very hard to keep up with in steep terrain. His secret, I have discovered, is that he never holds onto his turn too long, but instead releases the skis shortly after crossing […]