Photo of Derek Brewer
Derek Brewer
Role(s): Board of Directors
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Photo of Molly Fitch
Molly Fitch Chair
Role(s): Board of Directors
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Photo of Mary Germeau
Mary Germeau Secretary
Role(s): Board of Directors
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Photo of Ed Kane
Ed Kane
Role(s): Board of Directors
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Photo of Bill King
Bill King Vice Chair
Role(s): Board of Directors
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Photo of John May
John May Northwest Rep on PSIA-AASI Board, Ex-Officio NW Board
Role(s): Alpine Clinician, Alpine Examiner, Board of Directors, Technical Team
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Kira McKenzie
Role(s): Board of Directors
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Photo of Devin Mettler
Devin Mettler
Role(s): Board of Directors
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Photo of Diana Suzuki
Diana Suzuki Treasurer
Role(s): Board of Directors
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Photo of John Weston
John Weston
Role(s): Board of Directors
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2021-24 Board Elections

In preparation for your vote, please click on this link to listen to a message from your Board Chair, Molly Fitch and review her message below.

Considering the Board’s strategic and visionary role to ensure the organization continues to work for you, I invite you to think about the qualities of a high-functioning, forward-thinking Board member.

The type of person you need on the Board:

  • Embraces a culture of learning, self-awareness, and accountability;
  • Demonstrates humility in service to the membership;
  • Has experience with establishing and reviewing policies;
  • Emphasizes a strong, strategic organizational focus.

Download Board Candidate Information (29-page PDF)


Once you are ready to place your vote, use the form below to vote for the three open board seats.  Elections will be open until the 20th of June at 5pm pacific. Final election results will be posted on this page after voting has closed.

General Voting Rules

When elections occur, or if there were to be something for a membership vote, a notice with the details, would be sent out to the membership, along with the process for casting your vote. 

Some general voting guidelines are:

  • Only vote one time 
  • Provide your membership number
  • Be a current member

Please Note: Voter fraud is a serious offense and is considered a violation of the terms of your membership. Any member who is found to have been fraudulent in voting may have their membership revoked. Your privacy is respected in this process.