Wedge Change Ups

(green terrain) Skiing straight down a gentle slope, alternate between straight run (in which skis are parallel) and wedge positions. Use an extension motion in conjunction with steering the skis into a wedge. As the skis move farther away from the center of the body, the edge angle increases, slowing travel down the hill. Steer to reduce the edging, flattening the skis on the snow and returning to a parallel position, increasing speed. Balance should remain over the center of both feet.

Key Performance Focus

  • Tips should remain approximately the same distance apart during the straight run and gliding wedge
  • Flexion and extension movements facilitate edging
  • COM should continue to move with skis in intended direction of travel
  • Tactically speed control is important
  • The duration of opening and closing the wedge should be about the same – neither action is “rushed”