Divisional Staff

Will you be attending an Examiner & DCL Training or Tech Series Event?

If you are a DCL, Examiner or Tech Team Member who will be attending a Tech Series event, either as a participant or clinic leader,  you must send in a Trainer/DCL Tech Series Event Application  so we know you will be there. If we use you to lead a clinic, then we will remove you from the roster of the event you intended to attend. By filling out the Trainer/DCL Tech Series Event Application we know you will be there, the host resort knows how many comp tickets they will be supplying and you have signed the liability release form.

The Tech Series Calendar is printed in the Fall Newsletter as part of the Season Guide. Tech Series events also appear on the Event Calendar.

Event Availability Submissions

If you are a DCL, Examiner or Technical Team Member then please use the Event Availability Schedule Submission Form to let the office know which events you are available to work. Just click the button below to submit your schedule.

Submit Your Clinic Availability