Level I Synopsis

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  • In order to ensure accountability and documentation of each candidate's journey, a synopsis of their season’s training and teaching will be required. To assist in completing the synopsis, a detailed logbook is strongly recommended.

    The log book is the responsibility of the candidate to maintain and the responsibility of the trainer to review it at least the day of the Level I exam. It is encouraged to be periodically reviewed over the course of the season with each candidate regarding successes and struggles. This proactive and reflective process will assist in helping the candidate identify their own strengths and weaknesses as well as assist the trainer in individualizing feedback and resources.

    The log book is intended to be:
    • A resource and tool for the professional instructor as they learn and grow.
    • An environment for learning: the act of keeping logs and checklists helps to process learning experience(s).

    Documentation and reflection are valuable skills that create a road map for the educational journey a new instructor is embarking upon.

    To be utilized most successfully, the log should contain the following at a minimum:
    • Categorizations to allow processing of WHAT the teaching or clinic goal was, WHY the goal was established and HOW the goal was reached.
    • A reflection as to why the goal was or was not met, how adjustments were made and the struggles or successes involved with lesson adjustments.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Practical Teaching

    Please provide a brief review of your experiences.