What is Specialist Training?

So are you stuck in a rut? Lessons seem to repeat over and over? Creativity low?  Looking for better ways to get that kid out of a wedge, or ways to relate to the “Baby Boomers” that are retiring and coming to your resort?  Is your freestyle coaching feedback, “Hit it harder, bro!” … well is it?

Boost your teaching with one of these multi-day educational events giving you the Specialist Education you need.  This is not your general clinic; these events require your undivided attention, completion of workbooks and quizzes and in return you will earn in-depth details and methodologies for teaching in these specialized areas: Children, Freestyle or Seniors.

The premise of the Specialist Standards is based upon the concepts of “levels of understanding”;  levels that define stages of learning within degrees of understanding. Just as certification is a measure of understanding, levels of certification represent stages of understanding. Although not a certification,  the specialist participants will be expected to meet levels of competency as defined by the standards. Participants will be held to the knowledge and performance standards of the level at which they are participating as well as the criteria for all preceding levels.

Levels of participant expectation are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, referenced further in each of the  Standards.

­Because certificates are  awarded based upon the degree of participation as well as an appropriate level of understanding including the synthesis and evaluation of all course material for all Specialist 2 credentials AND because these are certificate programs based on an educational framework with an assessment component there is an expectation that a minimum of one season separates each Specialist level of attainment. The ability to synthesize and evaluate content involves a learning process that comes only with time, reflections, experimentation and exploration. Becoming credentialed as a Specialist is a journey.

You can start with fundamentals and build from there in each of these programs.  For more details check out links on the right.