Divisional Academy Photos

We have posted some photos from the Divisional Academy 2012 event held at Whitefish. It was a good time. It looks like the Symposium event at Mt. Bachelor next weekend on April 13-15 is going to be a great time too. To view the photos from Divisional Academy at Whitefish click here.

In Memory of Joy Lucas

Kathy Hand remembers Lucky Joy Lucas From the NW Snowsports Instructor newsletter, Winter 2011-12 Lucky Joy Lucas was a pioneer in the ski industry. Yes, her first name was Lucky, but we were the lucky ones as she settled on ski teaching and gave her time and talent to us. She passed peacefully on Black […]

Awards Nominations 2012

It’s that time of year again to be thinking about the 2011/2012 Award nominations. PSIA-NW has established a recognition committee, which was given the task of developing criteria and procedures for nominating persons for Northwest division awards and special recognition. There are many people in our organization that deserve special recognition and divisional awards. We […]