Your Vote Counts

General Voting Rules

PSIA-NW takes voting very seriously and so should you. Some general guidelines include:

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  • Only vote one time (either on-line or by mail)
  • Only vote in your geographic region (if applicable)

Please Note: Voter fraud is a serious offense and is considered a violation of the terms of your membership. Any member who is found to have been fraudulent in voting may have their Regional and National membership revoked. The election committee will NEVER disclose your vote to anyone outside the election committee. We respect your privacy.

What am I voting on?

The contested seat(s) in your region. An email was sent to members of these regions with specific instructions on how to vote. If there is no email address on file for members within these regions a hard copy ballot will be sent with instructions.

Fax or Mail-in Ballots

If there were to be something other than board seats to vote on, a notice would also be placed in the NW journal in terms of a traditional, mail-in ballot. It can be cut out of the journal or downloaded, printed out, then either mailed or faxed to the office. Mail-in ballots must be post marked no later than the posted voting deadline  to be counted. Please be prompt in mailing or faxing your ballot!

Vote Now

Please click here to vote.