In Memory

In Memory of Buzz Fulton

An amazing man with a passion for skiing and teaching and PSIA-NW and a huge leader in both Anthony Lakes and Spout Springs Ski Schools, Buzz Fulton is greatly missed.  Please click here for obituary and memorial service announcement.
Buzz’s passing at the age of 93, marks the end of an era for people who truly made Anthony Lakes the type of ski area it is today. Buzz was among the earlier skiers at both Spout Springs and Anthony Lakes, and was very instrumental in developing a certification program that created the Professional Ski Instructors of America in the Northwest. He was committed to developing quality teachers to allow people of all ages to learn and improve their skiing skills in the effort to stay safe on the slopes and certainly to have fun.
Buzz was very active with Spout Springs and Anthony Lakes Ski Schools as well as working many years with The Special Olympics and their ski program. Joining the then named PNSIA in 1958, his tenure with the organization was steeped. He served as the Vice President of the Professional Ski Instructors of America-Northwest Division (PSIA-NW) and served on the Board of Directors for many years and received his 50 year membership pin from the National PSIA/AASI Division. He witnessed the change in equipment from long, unruly wooden skis to the technology advances of current day skis, allowing everyone to enjoy the mountain more easily, and Buzz continued to ski at age 90.
The heritage of PSIA-NW and Anthony Lakes Ski Area is rich and deep. It is the roots left by people such as Buzz Fulton that will allow this heritage to endure.

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