Anchorage Fall Seminar

November 16, 2019 all-day
Alaska Pacific University
4101 University Dr
AK 99508
(206) 244-8541

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Credits: 1-season credit per day


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Alaska Pacific University – Saturday November 16th – Save the date!

Key Note Speaker

Michael Drake

A ‘clinic junky’ thru and thru, I have held a passion for immersing myself into all aspects of professional skiing and teaching for three decades now.  Whether marching towards the never ending goal of developing my own skills, or enjoying the thrill, and the challenge, of coaching others down their own development paths, I am always looking to learn more about our sport.  It’s just so darn fun, challenging, stimulating and engaging, the sport, along with people involved with it, that I can’t help but want to share what I can with anyone even a little like minded. 

Michael is a PSIA-NW Examiner and Divisional Clinic Leader.  He oversees the SKIBACs Ski School based out of Summit at Snoqualmie, is a Level 3, USSA Level 300 certified.  A multiple INTERSKI participant, and has over two decades of consecutive Divisional and National Academy attendances.  He also has a professional technical career in Aerospace Engineering that is outside of skiing, that may have contributed to his being tapped to participate on a national PSIA task force committee on sensor development and skiing. 

Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and…. Skiing?!   For real?  What is going on?  Is this all a gimmick?  Who is doing what out there?  What would any of this be good for?  Are we teaching robots how to ski?   Or is one going to take over for me?  Should I care?  Well, that smartphone in your pocket?  It’s partly to blame.  Technology is marching along, and the economics of combining ever cheaper sensors to that portable computer already in your pocket has those in, and outside, of our industry looking to find a match to our sport.  Our talk today is an overview of some of the emergent activity going on, and an attempt to answer some of those questions above. 

Summer is over. Fall has fallen, along with the leaves and rain in the lower elevations. The first dusting of snow has already fallen on most Northwest peaks. Winter 2019-20 snowsports season is just around the corner. As in the past, Fall Seminar will be offered in three locations, making this season-opener event more accessible for everyone to attend.

Whether you are a Fall Seminar regular or a new participant, it is our goal to help you kick off your season with the latest and greatest information, and get your mind ready to keep up with your legs. We look forward to welcoming in the new season with you!

Registration and refreshments for this indoor event begin at 8:00am. At registration you will receive a packet of information along with your name badge, on the badge will be your room assignments. Classes begin promptly at 8:30am.

We are continuing to offer Fall Seminar to non-members. Please feel free to invite a non-member from your school to join you or someone who is interested in teaching this season and see why Fall Seminar is such a great pre-season educational event. Similar to all members, non-members will need to register and pay the event fee to participate.