What is Certification?

Certification affirms a knowledge and experience base for instructors, their employers, and the public at large. Certification represents a declaration of an instructor’s professional competence and enhances employability and career advancement.

Some benefits of certification include:

  • Potentially higher wages.
  • More productive and highly trained instructors for employers.
  • Prestige for the individual and a competitive advantage over non-certified individuals.
  • Enhanced employment opportunities.
  • Assisting employers in making more informed hiring decisions.
  • Assisting consumers in making informed decisions about qualified instructors.
  • Establishment of a professional standard for individuals in snow sports instruction.

Currently there are four primary categories of membership in PSIA or AASI: Registered, Level I, Level II, and Level III. As a new instructor you would first join as a Registered member. As you become a better instructor and want to learn more, you would then train to take a Level I exam, which is usually administered at your school by your Trainer.

The Level II and Level III exams progressively require more depth of knowledge, skill at applying this knowledge, and demonstration of a greater range of skiing and riding skills on progressively more difficult terrain and snow conditions.  The Level II and Level III exams are directed by PSIA-NW and lead by PSIA-NW Adaptive, Alpine, Telemark, Cross Country and Snowboard Examiners at specific locations and dates during the season. Be sure to review the event calendar to find dates and locations for this season’s Level II and III exams.